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Customer Service

John Guzman

612-277-4706 Office direct

Customer Service

Darcy Weiler

612-277-4701 Office direct

Customer Service

Joe Tabios

612-277-4703 Office direct

Event Traffic Control

Jamie Ptacek

612-277-4711 Office direct
612-290-3247 Mobile

Pavement Marking

Wendy Bengtson

612-277-4705 Office direct
763-286-2537 Mobile

Pavement Marking Estimator

Dave Nelson

612-277-4753 Office direct
763-286-5187 Mobile

Pavement Marking Operations Manager

Steve Larson

612-277-4775 Office direct
612-363-1375 Mobile

Estimating Coordinator

Mark Jensen

612-277-4735 Office direct
612-363-3940 Mobile

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Kim Henke

612-277-4717 Office direct

Contract Administrator & Accounts Receivable

Julie Johnson

612-277-4704 Office direct

Permanent Sign Installation Estimator

Brian Luftman

612-277-4723 Office direct
612-369-3660 Mobile

Traffic Control Estimator

Dan Anderson

612-277-4713 Office direct
612-369-3658 Mobile

Traffic Control Manager

Eric Bertossi

612-277-4733 Office
612- 363-1374 Mobile

Traffic Control Dispatcher

Larry Long

612-277-4716 Office direct
612-685-1123 Mobile

Traffic Control Area Supervisor

Troy Melin

612-277-4710 Office direct
612-366-3163 Mobile

Traffic Control Area Supervisor

Dan Cariolano

612-277-4710 Office direct
612-366-0115 Mobile

Operations Manager

Tim Lewis

612-277-4720 Office direct
612-363-1371 Mobile

Business Manager/Human Resources

Mary Jane Wander

612-277-4702 Office direct

Heavy Equipment Manager

Scott Brierley

612-521-4200 Office
612-363-1363 Mobile

Outstate Supervisor

Chris Meyer

612-277-4721 Office direct
612-770-9154 Mobile

St. Cloud

Mike Walz

320-250-9019 Mobile
612-521-4200 Office


Richard Hart

507-208-1335 Mobile
507-282-1105 Office


Nick Miller



Will Kearney


Sales and Safety Training

Mike Leaf

612-277-4750 Office direct
612-723-2030 Mobile

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